School service of mediation (reconciliation)

In high school created and runs a school service of mediation (reconciliation).

According to the Federal law from 27.07.2010 No. 193-FZ "On alternative procedure of dispute settlement with participation of mediator (mediation procedure)" under the mediation procedure is understood as a way of settling disputes with the assistance of a mediator (an independent person or independent persons engaged by the parties as intermediaries in dispute resolution to facilitate adoption by the parties of a judgment on the merits) on the basis of voluntary consent of the parties to achieve a mutually acceptable solution to them.

The method of "School mediation" is an innovative method used to resolve disputes and prevent conflict situations between participants of educational process as a modern alternative method of dispute resolution.

In the event of a conflict (dispute) between students, teacher and students, teacher and parents, parents You can ask for help in School the mediation service (ShSM). Director (curator) of the mediation service in the 2016-2017 academic year, – Elena Ivanova – psychologist.