Tour of school with senior preschoolers

School and kindergarten – two adjacent link in the education system. The lack of preparedness of a child to school entails negative consequences: in class, he is experiencing discomfort, that is here changing his social position, the child is included in the special regime. For the prevention of maladjustment, it is important to prepare children for such events, and to discuss possible difficulties, to teach constructive ways to solve problems. Competent informative children's school to warn of the problems encountered during the start of school. And visiting preschool school helps the most successfully start their education and make a smoother transition into a "new life".

It is best for a toddler – a real tour of the school with the option to sit at a Desk, draw something with chalk on a blackboard. Here is our future first-graders realized his dream. On 18 November there was an excursion for children of the preparatory group of our kindergarten to school. Met the children and were given an excursion by the teacher-the psychologist Elena Ivanova. "Welcome to the library" - these words met the kids librarian Ekaterina, Aricak. Upon entering, preschoolers saw shelves of books, tables and chairs, behind which you can sit and read and look through the book. As for young children is important visibility and the opportunity to touch and feel, Ekaterina has prepared an exhibition of books. Got into the vault of books. You guys saw how many books is on the shelves.

Then the little guests looked into the school cafeteria and a large gymnasium. Kindergarten students visited the 3 A class where the teacher of initial classes Busniuk Natalia with her students made riddles about school supplies, gave advice to future first graders and even sang a song for them. And when the school bell rang, the kids ' delight knew no bounds! Excursion to the school they loved.